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Signs by Cal

9525 Langley Rd

Bakersfield, CA


Union Station - Los Angeles, CA

The union station dimensional letters are fabricated from aluminum mounted on a acrylic and aluminum beam. Working together with another contractor I was lucky enough to be a part of this project.

Aarna Spa - Huntington Beach, CA

These Flat Cut Out (FCO) aluminum letters really stand out in-front of the textured background wall. With a brushed satin finish they really look sharp.

Kern Allergy - Bakersfield, CA

These are Acrylic Flat Cut Out letters. Made from 1" thick acrylic and painted with Mathews Paint gloss finish.

MLK Community Medical Group - Los Angeles, CA

The MLK Community Group dimensional letter sign is made from fabricated aluminum and painted with Mathews Paint.

Address Numbers - Bakersfield, CA

Cast aluminum letters with a brushed aluminum finish. Cast dimensional letters are known to last for a very long time in the harshest of weathers.

Ace Parking Garage - San Diego, CA

Ace parking garage in San Diego, CA has fabricated aluminum letters painted with Mathews Paint PMS color.

Kern County Bar Association - Bakersfield, CA

These dimensional letters are cast aluminum letters painted black. It goes very well with the brushed aluminum etched plaque. Looks very professional.

Omni Family Health - Bakersfield, CA

Omni family health accompanied their channel letters with these fabricated dimensional letters. They look very clean and adds to their main logo.

Landmark Winery - Kenwood, CA

This is a sample I manufactured for the winery. Its 1" thick aluminum with a brushed finish and anodized in a gold color. This piece really looks amazing and its made to last.

Performance Realtors - Bakersfield, CA

Acrylic dimensional letters were used for their corporate identity logo. It is composed of many little pieces but once put together in really looks great.

Dimensional Letters

Cost effective and very functional, dimensional letters are the standard for company branding. These individual letters are made from a variety of materials like acrylic, aluminum, foam, PVC and wood. Traditionally one of the most popular types of signs, they have a wide range of outdoor and indoor applications. They can be used in reception areas, conference rooms to general work spaces, this sign option leaves a lasting impression with everyone.