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9525 Langley Rd

Bakersfield, CA


Del Records - Los Angeles, CA

Del Records studio needed a corporate identity logo for their pod cast booth. We designed and manufactured a logo that would not produce any glare. We used non glare acrylic and pvc to accomplish this.

Del Records - Los Angeles, CA

When we installed this logo, we had to manufacture custom steel brackets to get this to line up perfectly with their staggered backdrop.

Nexgen - Bakersfield, CA

These corporate identity signs were made with brushed aluminum DiBond, and 3M opaque vinyl film. Installed with half inch spacers to give it some depth. Nexgen's sign looks very sharp.

Bakersfield Commmunity Healthcare - Bakersfield, CA

This corporate identity sign is made from pigmented acrylic which gives it a very sleek look.

Bakersfield Commmunity Healthcare - Bakersfield, CA

Here is a side view of the acrylic corporate identity sign to give you an idea of how a little depth makes a huge difference.

Sanrio - Los Angeles, CA

Corporate Identity signs can be manufactured many different ways, they can be electrical or non electrical. This one is an electrical corporate identity sign made from backlit channel letters. We made a couple of these with different led colors which gave it that extra pop they were looking for.

Corporate Identity Signs

Trademark identifiers for your franchise branding is a breeze. With digital artwork and our advanced technology, we can fabricate corporate logos for your business in timely fashion.