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Signs by Cal

9525 Langley Rd

Bakersfield, CA


Axis - Los Angeles, CA

Axis ADA sign package is very sleek and elegant. It's a unique sign as it goes from the floor to the ceiling with the room number, door bell and braille. The sign is made from acrylic with custom colors.

Axis - Los Angeles, CA

Janitor ADA plaque very straight forward yet very elegant. Made from acrylic with it's custom colors and braille.

Pasea - Huntington Beach, CA

PASEA's ADA sign package consists of a very organic feel to it as we used lots of natural reclaimed wood for this project. This ADA plaque is made with frosted acrylic, reclaimed wood and braille.

Various - Los Angeles, CA

Here are some samples on how using different materials can accomplish the look you are looking for. All these are made under strict ADA guidelines.

Various - Los Angeles, CA

This ADA plaque is made entirely from aluminum. From the backer, to the letters and even the braille.

Various - Bakersfield, CA

Acrylic ADA plaque, back-painted with its custom color and a wood grain texture print. Being compliant with your signs does not mean you are limited on how you want it to look.

Various - Santa Clarita, CA

Your ADA plaques can also have sliders to accommodate various functions in your office.

Various - Los Angeles, CA

Acrylic ADA plaque with a wood accent, braille and text copy.

ADA Signs

Need your business to be up to code with local signage regulations? We can help! Following all codes from the federal ADA act to the local California Building Code, our code signage in both raised letters and braille will surely pass to keep your business open.