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Signs by Cal

9525 Langley Rd

Bakersfield, CA


PASEA Hotel - Huntington Beach, CA

PASEA's monuments signs were made with back lit channel letters installed in the front. Very unique and stylish.

Home Boutique & Bakery - Bakersfield, CA

These monument sign inserts are made from Anodized silver aluminum with day night vinyl.

Rancho Los Amigos - Los Angeles, CA

This monument sign has channel letters that sit on top of it. Channel letters are from aluminum with 1/2" acrylic face and 3M day night vinyl film.

Creamistry - Bakersfield, CA

Monument sign with four tenant spots. The Cremistry insert made with 3M Translucent vinyl film.

Omni - Bakersfield, CA

Omni's monument sign is a double sided cabinet with a 6 inch base and concrete pedestal dressed up with stone to match its building. Color is Omni's corporate color blue matched with Mathews Paint pantone.

Shafter Pediatrics - Shafter, CA

Standard monument sign made for our friends at Shafter Pediatrics. LED's light up this sign insuring even light coverage and minimal power consumption.

Southern Power - Rosamond, CA

Very modern looking monument sign installed for Southern Power.

Supercuts - Bakersfield, CA

These are very small front lit channel letters we manufactured for Supercuts. They were installed on their monument sign.

Huntington Bay Club - Huntington Beach, CA

Huntington Bay Club's backlit channel letters on their concrete monument sign. Backlit channel letters painted with their corporate colors using Mathews Paint Pantone color matching system. The off gray painted custom anchor gives a subtle contrast with the background.

Monument Signs

Monument signage is key to having traffic see your brand. Fabricated cans in multiple sizes will help potential customers find your business from the street or sidewalk, whether it’s a illuminated or non-illuminated.